Cloud Analytics Implementations

"BI in the cloud" brings your BI infrastructure costs down to $0.
This helps to make project deployment much faster and keeps everything ‘hands free’."

Why Cloud-Based Analytics?

Our agile, cloud-based implementation makes high-quality BI and Analytics even more accessible – no matter your size or budget.

We do this by leveraging best-of-breed BI cloud applications to lower the cost, involvement, and technical overheads traditionally required for a first-class custom BI solution.

At Blueprint Intelligence, we’ve always been passionate about making strategic BI Project skills and experience more broadly available to business. That’s why we’re massive advocates and specialize in agile BI project delivery. 

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What's an Agile Analytics Project?

As the name implies, Agile BI Project delivery adopts all the learnings of agile development practices that achieve project objectives much more efficiently and effectively than former development processes.

It does this by breaking the broader project down into iterations that can be released to deliver returns on investment faster and momentum for subsequent iterations.

Rather than being “IT built”, Agile projects are business-driven, with testing of releases and development forming a constant feedback loop. 

Compared with traditional ‘waterfall’ methodologies, the agile approach reduces cost and time involvement. It also offers more flexibility for small, dynamic, and fast-growth organizations.

At Blueprint Intelligence, we believe that using an Agile approach to delivering a Cloud-based BI implementation is a winning combination that will ensure a quick Return On Investment (ROI) for our clients.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership + More

A priority on cloud-based software that allows firms to pay for data, processing, and usage on a consumption basis. This makes the setup and deployment of your Agile BI solution fast, well-priced and scalable.

For example, server setup used to take days of work and heavy, up-front investment in IT resources, hardware, and licensing.

With BI Cloud Services, there are zero servers to set up; it’s possible to access a server, ready to go from a basic laptop at the click of a button.

A cloud subscription removes the need to purchase servers or storage and licenses up-front, smoothing out costs and streamlining your BI Project.

Updates and maintenance are seamlessly made to applications to optimize system stability, performance, and security. 

This means that your software subscription removes any cost or resourcing for upgrades required to gain new functionality or reduce vulnerability to cyber attacks.   

These features combine to make it incredibly fast to set up and deploy your BI solution with a $0 infrastructure cost from anywhere, at any time. 

This significantly reduces your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for your BI system.

Best-of-Breed Analytics

Blueprint Intelligence leverage Microsoft’s cloud-based BI Applications. But we remain software agnostic for anyone invested in an alternative system.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics: A cutting-edge analytics service that offers Analytics, Enterprise Data Warehousing, and Big Data all in one. Geared towards larger customers with massive data sets and demand for data. 

Microsoft Azure SQL: a cloud-based database to perform speedy queries and analysis of data. This database was modeled as a data warehouse based on Kimball methodology. 

Microsoft Azure Data Factory: a cloud-based ETL tool to integrate data from different devices or applications.

Microsoft Power BI: is available for as little as US$10 a month to provide a user-friendly tool to query data, develop reporting and real-time dashboards.

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