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Sales & Marketing Analytics


Due to the sales and marketing workflow, it’s common to struggle to bridge a gap between the applications used across the customer journey. 

It starts with marketing tools and publishing platforms then moves to Sales CRM and finally, to Accounting Systems. Instead of wasting time trying to extract reports from these individual, native systems. You’ll only ever achieve true Sales & Marketing Optimisation via a separate, purpose-built Analytics solution.

With our sales and marketing analytics experience, you will quickly gain a holistic view of your sales-marketing function to inform strategy and how to dominate the market.  

If you want to: 

  • Automate reports that use data from different systems
  • Rely on new client data or pipeline reports first-go
  • Know what campaigns have hit goals (and where: social media, email, foot traffic, web) in one report
  • Quickly identify opportunities for Sales to close 
  • Confidently plan activity based on recent campaign performance
  • Know how much revenue was generated by your effort
  • Budget to meet sales targets based on your previous conversion rates
  • Know what messaging, timing and channels improve sales success

….We can help with this (and more!).

Sales & Marketing Analytics Case Studies

We’ve got experts in all major BI or Analytics tools and sales marketing applications, so if you have a preference for an analytics front end, or existing solution, we can build it in your existing infrastructure. 

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