Analytics Health Check

maximum performance and value from your investment

Your Software-Agnostic Analtyics Health Check

Applying Industry Benchmarks to your implementation, our Analytics Health Check is an efficient way to:

  • Identify any risk to performance 
  • Diagnose the root cause of issues 
  • Gain objective advice on remedial action 

The Blueprint Intelligence Health Check - At A Glance

Comprehensive Coverage

We perform a comprehensive set of tests across: hardware, software, licensing, adoption, user satisfaction, master data quality and business objectives.

It's Remote. Zero Interruptions.

No need to cover travel logistics. The Blueprint Intelligence BI Health Check can be completed entirely remotely, without any interruption to your business.

It's Software Agnostic

Our Health Check measures your implementation agains industry standards - not just your selected application or isolated implementation.

Practical Remedial Action

At the conclusion of our service, if we've identified issues, you receive objective remedial actions. This includes how preventative measures and fixes can be completed by your IT team.

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20 Free Analytics Health Checks

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Why Run A Health Check?

Identify Risks to Performance - Before They Cost More Money

Diagnostics on software, logins and lifetime milestones will identify irregularities, inconsistencies and maintenance issues that harm performance.

Diagnose The Root Cause of Issues

A comprehensive Health Check will quickly identify the source of issues like slow performance or data quality problems.

Get Greater Returns on Investment in Analytics

Improved stability, performance and adoption in line with your BI objectives will help you to realise the full potential of analytics for your business and decision-making.

Gain An Objective Assessment of System's Health

Applying industry benchmarks, and a broader understanding of what other BI applications - not just yours - can do and their features is applied to your assessment.

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