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Building Better Insights

We’re a Business Intelligence agency that offers you deeply focused analytics experience on flexible terms.

Our services have been built to address a massive gap in the business intelligence market. We’re delivering results-focused service packages that fit your budget, no matter the size of your business.

with Business Intelligence

Our services can take your user groups through the entire business intelligence development lifecycle. Alternatively, we can re-implement or customize your existing BI installation to get it finally really working for you and your business.

It’s all about transforming your data or problem business intelligence installations into fast, smart and confident decisions, maximising your return on investment (ROI) in BI. 

Working Remotely in the COVID Environment

Even before borders shutdown and work from home became commonplace due to COVID, Blueprint Intelligence had refined the process of remote project delivery.

That’s because we’ve regularly worked remotely, delivering our services via virtual or remote teams.  


This virtual team format allows us to seamlessly deliver to a national client base. Further, it keeps costs down by eliminating travel requirements if you don’t prefer to have our teams onsite.

How do we manage Remote Projects so well?

A lot of it comes down to experience. But the cornerstone of any successful project is communication. Our project management process ensures communication is optimized to maximize productivity and alignment between our project experts and your needs.

We also intentionally keep our teams small where possible. Team sizes – and keeping them below 10 – significantly improves productivity on remote projects. This also provides you a deeper team engagement, with a group who knows your project in detail.

Tools and Controls that Manage the Lifecycle of your Project:

Being big data nerds, we love monitoring progress and tracking toward a project. Regular meetings are important to ensure expectations are shared, any new needs are understood, and that project milestones and completion rates are tracking as planned.

We also offer clients flexibility to ensure the remote project process is as seamless and convenient as possible for you.

A selection of collaboration tools and communication platforms is available for you to choose from according to your infrastructure or personal preference. 

These applications include:

We’ve demonstrated our capability to perform all manner of BI projects via our virtual teams. But we also provide solid onsite services, should you need them, too.

To find out more about our remote project management capability, contact us!

How do we do it?

The Blueprint Difference

Our primary focus is on your organizational objectives and insights that will drive revenue growth. Blueprint Intelligence will take your analytics capability to the next stage of maturity, right to the top of your industry.

We specialize in flexible terms and results-focused packages. This means that every business – no matter the size, resources or budget – can gain access to first-class analytics solutions.

meet the team behind Blueprint Intelligence

Our Founders

Tyler Koitka

CEO & Co-Founder

Jason Plath

COO & Co-Founder

Derek Thornton

CFO & Co-Founder

CEO and co-founder of Blueprint Intelligence, Tyler is an accomplished business intelligence veteran. Tyler is highly regarded for guiding high-profile companies through the entire BI development and implementation lifecycle.

An out-of-the-box thinker who champions innovative reporting and visualization solutions, Tyler has deep understanding of IT and ETL processes. Combining this with his business consulting experience, Tyler provides ‘business built’, rather than ‘IT built’ Business Intelligence solutions. 

A strong leader and excellent communicator, Tyler has proven expertise in project management, requirements gathering, data analytics, application development, and more. 

Tyler is highly sought after for his demonstrated ability to help clients to simultaneously efficiently address organizational needs and drive continued revenue growth.

Jason is the COO and co-founder of Blueprint Intelligence.

Jason provides leadership and expertise with more than 20 years’ experience across multiple domestic and international management, operational and technical positions. Jason’s experience has honed his skills in the design, deployment, and governance of large-scale transformation and improvement projects.

Jason Plath has channeled this experience and his ‘no-BS” approach into Blueprint Intelligence, where Jason and his team deliver results-driven services for organizations – fast. 

The leadership of our diverse global teams enables us to deliver a range of pragmatic technical solutions, business consulting services and provide the experience to achieve an optimized and successful business transformations for satisfied organizations, large and small.

A computer science graduate with more than 15 years experience in the end-to-end delivery of ICT projects, Derek has a natural ability to translate business processes into tech’ systems.

By combining his business process engineering and technical capability, Derek has successfully transformed individuals, teams and corporations, empowering them to optimize and automate, and to align people and processes with corporate objectives through precision software configuration or implementation.

By unlocking tech’s ability to empower people through insights and to encourage the right behaviours via quality checks and processes, Derek is a fast and effective source of efficiency gains across departments. His skills in business intelligence delivers brilliant competitive insights. His work on business process optimization and strategic ICT satisfies the most ambitious corporate business goals.

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